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Here's just some of what we'll the course covers:

Shamanism Simplified - whether or not you want to host your own ceremonies or simply better understand the shamanic toolset, this course is for you. Once complete, you'll understand why and how we use the tools that we do!

We wanted to ensure you could put this knowledge to work as well, so we'll also be showing you how to do house clearings so you can rapidly gain value from pursuing the shamanic path.



  • What tools do Shamans use?

    Wondering what's in the Shaman's core tool kit? We'll be covering all the basics you'll need to get started from drums to bells to common medicines.

  • How do I clear houses and other spaces safely?

    Learn how to use dowsing, work with ley lines, and clear houses, and the protections you'll use while doing so.

  • Divination, the Shaman's Way.

    Learn how divination can be used trough dowsing, throwing stones and more.

  • Learn Your Way!

    Lessons will be presented trough video, audio, written articles and live online chat sessions with Kriket.

  • Personalized Attention.

    We'll be by your side as you take the course and will be hosting multiple question and answer sessions, as well as trough email and the exclusive student forum.

Your Journey Starts Soon!

  • Doug
    I'm a bit biased as I'm helping Kriket with her site, but I've known her for nearly twenty years and she's both an amazing teacher and an amazing story teller. No one can teach shamanism like Kriket - if you're not convinced by the time the course is done, we'll refund your order!