Enhance your shamanic journey!

Kriket has been leading circles and teaching students in both the basics of and advanced topics of shamanism for over 20 years and in this foundational, you will learn about the basic tools used by shamans around the world. This includes drums, smudging, moqui balls, medicine bags and more! All with that special flavor that only Kriket can offer and that you've come to love in her podcasts!


What You'll Learn!

  • What tools do Shaman's use?

    We examine the use and history of some of the common and not so common tools for shamanic practice.

  • Portable altars

    What do you put into a kit you can use anytime and anywhere. We explore different items we have around the house you can incorporate into your sacred practice.

  • Odds and Sods

    We examine different eye covers, sage, crystals, medicine wheel stones, smokeless smudge and many single items you can use.

  • Protecting your home and yourself.

    Ways to keep your body and your home safe when practicing shamanism. Using fetish's', amulets, cleansing tools and proper ways of approaching spirits to work with us.

  • Live Q&A session and personalized attention.

    We'll be by your side as you take the course and will be hosting live question and answer sessions each Friday. If you can't attend live, just email your questions in and you'll be able to watch the session later.

  • Access forever!

    You'll have full access to the course and recordings of the live sessions forever! And if you have questions after the course is over, just send us an email, we'll be happy to help!

March 1 - March 12, 2021

The course will be held over two weeks, from March 1st to March 12th. 

  • Monday, March 1st, 12:00 AM: The first pre-recorded class will be available at 12:00 AM MST. This class will cover:
  • Friday, March 5th, 5:30 PM: Kriket will host the first live session at 5:30 PM MST! (4:30 PST, 7:30 EST).
  • Monday, March 8th, 12:00 AM: The second pre-recorded class will be available at 12:00 AM MST. This class will cover:
  • Friday, March 12th, 5:30 PM: Kriket will host her second live session at 5:30 PM MST! (4:30 PST, 7:30 EST).

YES! The live sessions will be recorded. So if you can't attend, they will be available to watch later. If you have questions you can send them in before March 12th we'll answer them in the live sessions, or send them in after and we'll respond by email!

What others have to say!

  • Nicole Bodnaresk
    Somewhere when I was in the depths of physical ailments and restrictions, struggling mentally with a long list of past traumas, and feeling spiritually stifled, I found Kriket with Shaman's Way. Through the potent medicine of her shamanic journey’s and medicine wheel; her ability to communicate with sources that support my healing; her gentle capacity to create a space of safety, compassion, and nourishment; and tap into her wisdom that comes through from ancestors, animals, and my higher self I have worked through and transformed my life. She has supported me by ensuring that I stay true to myself and taught me how to listen to my internal guide and intuition and has unconditionally held me as I travelled into the depths of where I needed to go with loving-kindness. I am truly grateful to have Kriket in my life. She has guided me, cared for me, taught me, empowered me, and most importantly showed me how to do that and trust myself. I am truly blessed.
    Nicole Bodnaresk
  • Shannon M
    What is a Teacher? Teachers hold a special place in our culture & our childhood, we trust them. They can either inspire or destroy our passion to learn everything on a subject or not. I have been very fortunate to have a handful of teachers like this. Kriket is one such teacher for me, she is my guide in my exploration of Shamanism. To commit yourself to delve into this vast area of study, you need a coach to have in your corner. Kriket is the coach that listens, does the work before she invites you to, compassionately calls you out on your bullshit, has your back and celebrates with you when you are successful. She is the teacher you want to learn Shamanism with, take the leap – dive into the deep end!
    Shannon M

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