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  • What tools do Shamans use?

    Wondering what's in the Shaman's core tool kit? We'll be covering all the basics you'll need to get started from drums to bells to common medicines.

  • How do I clear houses and other spaces safely?

    Learn how to use dowsing, work with ley lines, and clear houses, and the protections you'll use while doing so.

  • Divination, the Shaman's Way.

    Learn how divination can be used with dowsing, throwing stones and more.

  • Personalized Attention.

    We'll be by your side as you take the course and will be hosting multiple question and answer sessions, as well as trough email and the exclusive student forum.

  • Group Learning.

    You'll be able to join our private FaceBook circle to chat with Kriket and your fellow classmates!

Your Journey Starts Soon!